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Yanmar Excavators and Tracked Dumpers

Yanmar Excavators and Tracked Dumpers distributed throughout the UK.

Yanmar Excavators and Tracked Dumpers.

Yanmar are an established leader in the mini excavator market. Yanmar are always looking to push the excavator market and improve the efficiency of the excavator’s. Examples of this are that Yanmar produced the first swing boom excavator, first rubber tracked excavator and the first zero tail swing excavator. With these innovative and forward thinking designs Mawsley Machinery are excited to be associated with Yanmar. We look forward to working with Yanmar and offering you these groundbreaking machines.

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Yanmar Excavators

The Yanmar mini excavator ranges from below 1 tonne up to 10 tonnes. Below is the current Yanmar Mini Excavators List, by Series:

Yanmar Micro Excavator

Micro-Excavators series (Models SV05 and SV08-1)

  • Very Compact and Efficient in confined spaces
  • Easy to manoeuvre and excellent stability
  • Easy access to all maintenance points and standard ROPS protective structure


Yanmar Mini Excavator

B and SV Series (Models SV15, SV17, SV17EX, SV20, B25V)

  • Precise and simultaneous movements and excellent stability
  • Spacious and ergonomic driver’s cab
  • Clear access for all maintenance operations


Yanmar Micro Excavator

ViO Series (Models ViO10-2A, ViO17U, ViO20, ViO25, ViO30, ViO35, ViO45, ViO50U, ViO57U, ViO75)

  • Upper frame rotation within track width, with no overhang
  • Possible to work very close to obstacles and in confined spaces
  • Cutting-edge power-assisted hydraulic controls
  • Perfect visibility around the machine for increased safety
  • Excellent stability and spacious ROPS/FOPS


Yanmar Sigma Excavator

Sigma Series (Models B7)

  • 360° rotation (boom and equipment) within track width
  • 3-point articulated boom, patented by Yanmar
  • Excellent digging depth and high digging force
  • Efficient for high work (demolition)