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Ammann Equipment

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Ammann Equipment

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Single Drum Rollers

Ammann manufacture the APline of pneumatic tyred rollers which are used for surface dressing operations and asphalt finishing work. The range provides weights from 9300Kg to 24000Kg using ballast.
We have a full range of single drum self propelled heavy compactors available from 4100Kg to 30550Kg. A choice of full and open cabins, smooth drums or pad foot drums. We can alternatively supply pad foot shell kits to give you flexibility. These machines can be used in earthworks, stone and rock fill applications.

Manitou Rotary Telescopic Handlers

Light Tandem Rollers

Ammann tandem rollers are suitable for earthworks and asphalt compaction. All machines are built with quality and reliability in mind with excellent vision and smooth simple controls, we have a range of clear side units and combination rollers within the tandem range.

Manitou Maniscopic

Vibrating compactor plates and rammers

Rammers vary between 62Kg to 823Kg. They are operator friendly and robustly designed suitable for trench compaction. Powered by either Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engines.
We have an extensive selection of Ammann single and reversible compaction plates ranging from 54Kg to the heavy duty 271Kg units providing excellent compaction results over the range. The plates are easy to use, with transport wheels and water kits also available.

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Trench Rollers

We have the market leading trench rollers available in either the traditional rigid chassis or in articulated steering with pivot oscillation. These machines are remote controlled via an infrared safety system. The Rammax range of trench compactors offer you the best machines for heavy duty compaction of earthworks.